About Us

SMR Polska, was founded in 2004, in the first period it was a trading company, since 2011 it has been developing dynamically as a producer of aluminum deoxidants, currently mostly in the form of granulates.

Our products are made exclusively from aluminum waste, because we are aware of limited natural resources, use of our products helps to save the natural environment. Only in 2018 we have recycled more than 15,000 tons of non-ferrous metal waste.

Since the company was founded, one of our leading concepts was to help various companies dealing with aluminum processing by developing innovative solutions in the Research and Development department in the field of recycling.

In response to the demand of companies producing composite panels, in cooperation with research institute, we have jointly developed a modern recycling technology that allows the recovery of both aluminum and plastics. Our technology allows us to recover almost 100% of raw materials without generating any waste and not emitting any harmful compounds into the air.

Our dynamic development is caused not only by employing highly qualified staff, experience and modern machine park, but also by engaging in observing basic values ​​such as compliance with principles, honesty and respect for the law.

Acting in accordance with such values ​​from the beginning of our company’s existence, we have managed to build a reputation of a reliable, trustworthy business partner.

All our partners can count on:

  • Products and services of the highest quality

  • Short delivery times

  • Replying to their individual needs

  • Help during all steps of contract

  • Experienced staff

Our Mission

Our goal is to make our services and products an indicator of the highest quality for other companies. To ensure full transparency, professionalism and a high level in business contacts, we have implemented a Management System compliant with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.